RFC: EOL of mediawiki from EL-4, EL-5, EL-6

Ray Van Dolson rayvd at bludgeon.org
Tue Dec 14 05:38:43 UTC 2010

FYI, just tested moving from the base mediawiki package to
mediawiki116.  Upgrade process was as follows (in a nutshell):

Mediawiki install at /srv/syswiki/wiki/

  1. Back up
  2. mv /srv/syswiki /root/syswiki
  3. Followed instructions in README.RPM to create a new wiki site
     (under /srv).  Script to create symlinks worked great save for
     StartProfiler.php which didn't exist (it was StartProfiler.sample)
  4. Copied my original LocalSettings.php back and modified "$IP"
  5. Reviewed RELEASE-NOTES for 1.15 and 1.16 for necessary config
  6. Changed to "maintenance" directory (now
     /srv/syswiki/wiki/maintenance) and ran the following:

       MW_INSTALL_PATH=/srv/syswiki/wiki php update

  7. Corrected issue with Ldap extension.
  8. Fixed my Apache config which was aliasing the "skins" directory to

All is working great!  Pretty easy.

I notice a few RPM-packaged extensions are tied to the original
mediawiki package -- mediawiki-ParserFunctions for example.

Maybe /usr/share/mediawiki would be a good "generic" directory for
non-version specific extension?  Or should we get them repackaged per

For now I'll just install from source most likely.


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