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Re: Proposal on what packages can be in EPEL6

On 12/20/2010 01:41 PM, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
I'd like to put forth a proposal here, comments or other opinions very
welcome. ;)

Additionally we have the following complications:

* Some packages only have binary rpms shipped for some arches. Ie, the
   entire virt stack is x86_64. There's no client/workstation stuff in
   ppc64. There's no java in ppc64.

* Some packages only have subpackages shipped in some arches (ie,
   pacemaker-cts and pacemaker-docs are shipped in server-optional, but
   the main pacemaker binary rpm is only in the HighAvailability

I would like to propose the following:

EPEL6 will not ship any packages that have src.rpms on public mirrors
under 6* directories with the following exception: If the binary rpm
is only shipped in some arches in RHEL, EPEL may ship that exact same
version (note that EPEL maintainer must keep up exactly with the RHEL

So, this would leave us with:

* someone could maintain java in EPEL and build the exact src.rpm
   version. If it took mods to work, I would say we should just not do
   so and excludearch our java stuff.

* folks could push packages that are x86_64 only into epel, but should
   keep them exactly the same as the rhel src.rpm.

Using ExclusiveArch or ExcludeArch? Or just let them be in multiple repos assuming that they will really and truly be the same?

* Items in other channels are fair game to ship in EPEL6.



Fine by me. My concern at the moment is a multilib issue - gcc-gfortran.i686 not being present in the x86_64 repository, which causes:

Broken deps for x86_64
	getdata-devel-0.6.2-1.el6.i686 requires gcc-gfortran(x86-32)

Other than dropping the %{_isa} from the Requires, not sure there is anything else we can do. But I haven't seen much comment on it though

Orion Poplawski
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3380 Mitchell Lane                  orion cora nwra com
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