[CentOS-devel] rhel-6 rebuild summary

Hubert Bahr hab at hbahr.org
Mon Dec 27 07:03:27 UTC 2010

Farkas Levente wrote:
> hi,
> i write this mail after more people ask me in private. and since the
> centos core devel team not share any info about it's build system,
> status, there modifications, doesn't have any public revision system
> and not really accept any help or advice for outside.
> but i still believe these are useful info for many others so i try to
> summarize our rhel-6 rebuild experience.
Thanks for the summary of your experience.  In my case I created a build 
environment much as you laid out but I am still doing everything as 
rpmbuild --rebuild rather than a Mock environment.  I ended up with 36 
packages not building and did have to import a couple of fedora packages 
to get it to that number.  In comparing my list to yours, you have 
solutions to 11 of those on my list.  I will be attempting those when I 
have the time. My question is this.  Are these the only packages you 
were unable to rebuild, or do you still have some left to resolve?  I 
noticed a few of mine failed with unpackaged elements so I assume those 
may be resolved with a change in build options.  I used to believe that 
if I just found the right environment all of RedHat's sources would 
rebuild.  I now have found out that, this belief was very naive.

Thanks again

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