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Wed Dec 29 18:30:01 UTC 2010

The following Fedora EPEL 4 Security updates need testing:

The following builds have been pushed to Fedora EPEL 4 updates-testing


Details about builds:

 libisofs-0.6.40-1.el4 (FEDORA-EPEL-2010-3859)
 Library to create ISO 9660 disk images
Update Information:

This release makes the prediction of the emerging image size less expensive and is able to make images bootable for SUN SPARC systems.

Changes towards previous version 0.6.38:

  * New API call iso_write_opts_set_disc_label(), new system area type 3 = SUN Disk Label for booting SUN SPARC systems.
  * New API call iso_write_opts_set_will_cancel() avoids start of write thread and is to be used to inquire the future image size.
  * New error reply code ISO_DISPLACE_ROLLOVER for external data sources with address displacement.

* Tue Dec 28 2010 Robert Scheck <robert at fedoraproject.org> 0.6.40-1
- Upgrade to 0.6.40

 libnet-1.1.5-1.el4 (FEDORA-EPEL-2010-3858)
 C library for portable packet creation and injection
Update Information:

Upstream changes for libnet 1.1.5:

  - IRIX: Get MAC address from ioctl(), not by spawning shell.
  - Compile fix for IRIX (added includes)
  - Don't explicitly check for UID 0, we may have capabilities even if not root.
  - Cleaned up implementations of libnet_get_hwaddr(), some leaked memory, one returned a pointer to data on the stack, and the others return a pointer to static data. I'm settling on the non-reentrant static data form.
  - Visual C++ compiler(v9.0) uses bitfield type as a hint to pad the bitfield, so struct was too long.
  - Further simplify autogen.sh
  - Removed dependency on net/bpf.h, and on pcap.h.
  - LBL_ALIGN check is unused, removing.
  - Don't include pcap.h if we've already got net/bpf.h, pcap has it's own bpf.
  - Make libnet_get_hwaddr work in the last few releases of OpenBSD
  - Get DLT types from the source, <pcap.h>.
  - Use autoconf -ivf in autogen.sh
  - Don't distribute libnet.h, it is generated by configure
  - AIX build failures fixed, cause was inclusion of system headers libnet no longer uses
  - Add a link to the old docs.
  - Added links to github and sourceforge.
  - Replace C99/C++ comments with traditional C comments.
  - checksum would segfault if a IP checksum was requested for a non-ipv4 header
  - Closer backwards compat, assume its ipv4 if it's not ipv6. This seems totally wrong, but so it goes.
  - Try using the ip_len header field to guess the input buffer's size.
  - libnet_do_checksum(), despite being "internal", is used by external code. libnet needs to maintain backwards API compatibility, tcpsic from the isic package is an example of a binary failing when calling the new API with the old arguments.
  - merged icmpv6 patch in, but I believe either it or the sample/icmp6_unreach generates the cksum incorrectly
  - Use libtool-1 or libtool-2 whatever available
  - Avoid looking at /dev and /usr/include when cross-compiling Alon: The following code support cross compiling: 1. You CANNOT check for /usr/include stuff as cross compiler is installed else-where. Autoconf know how to do this, use its header detection logic and ask the result. 2. Testing for /dev/ can be done only when not cross compiling...
  - Corrected target_os check, it was broke for linuxgnu, and m4 syntax was invalid Alon:The following change is needed in order to solve two issues: 1. linuxgnu and such target os. 2. You cannot set variable with space before '=' as it tries to execute the variable... 3. Print result of test in case of linux
  - --with-link-layer broken, was using wrong macro name, and didn't include all link types
  - ac_cv_c_bigendian is yes, not "big"
  - Remove dead code.
  - h_len is calculated for ip, udp, tcp, icmp, and igmp, so is allowed to be zero.
  - libnet_t's fd should be initialized to an invalid value, or libnet_destroy() will close stdin.
  - Alon's use of AC_CHECK_HEADERS fails to detect headers. Reverted part of 57acd56f09158decb69f301e7547ce8cde6ac63f
  - With link_none, the link apis were failing with not error message.
  - man doc makefile wasn't correctly referring to the srcdir
  - Avoid mallocing zero bytes, it perturbs electric fence.
  - autotools patches for cross compiling and seperate builddir
  - html doc makefile wasn't correctly referring to the srcdir
  - ip_offset is now calculated on the fly, and UDP and TCP no longer use h_len
  - IP offset calculation should allow nesting of IP protocols.
  - Remove gccisms in bitfield definitions.
  - injection type of LIBNET_NONE, for packet construction without injection (also, more const correctness) 
  - Notes about checksumming. 
  - libnet_build_tcp was not returning the ptag. 
  - Packet boundaries are now passed to _do_checksum(), so it can validate its input. Hopefully, this will end the recurring segmentation faults due to buffer overruns. 
  - TCP building is triggering memory overwrites; closer examination shows the link list manipulation to be wrong, and the checksumming approach to be incapable of working. I reworked code to simplify and clarify how it works currently, in preparation to fixing it. 
  - Updated comments and notes. 
  - Null the pointer in the about-to-be-freed structure, not the one on the stack.
  - Added missing pblock types, and made strings consistent with definitions.
  - Change version policy, we will be 1.1.4 until 1.1.5 is released.
  - Bring CHANGELOG up to date with today, and script used to generated it.
  - Begin implementation and tests for repairing pblocks after an update.
  - libnet_pblock_insert_before() didn't remove ptag2 from old location
  - Clarifications in document comments.
  - Don't doxygen process internal header libnet-headers.h
  - Declared many constant arguments as const, const-correct code spews warnings when built against libnet.
  - Include pcap DLT_ types from correct header, was using an internal one before.
  - Declared many constant arguments as const, const-correct code spews warnings when built against libnet.
  - Note about build_data, which doesn't update ip_offset, among other problems.
  - libnet_clear_packet() wasn't clearing all packet context.
  - Why don't TCP and UDP use the DATA pblock type?
  - whitespace cleanup
  - Add libnet_dll.c as extra, so its there for win32, and build libnet_link.c
  - This file wasn't being built, and needed to include bpf to build.
  - Forgot to make device a const string here, too.
  - make string argument constant
  - only ignore Makefile in libnet/
  - Replace u_intX_t with C99 uintX_t.
  - pclose() following popen(), not fclose()
  - snoof & dlpi: don't free on libnet_link_close()
  - Summarize changes for log.
  - Reindented, removing hard tabs, and using consistent brace positioning.
  - The non-standard types are no longer used.
  - /sw/.. path doesn't always exist
  - src/libnet_link_snoop.c: Only fclose if f!=NULL
  - src/libnet_link_snoop.c: fixed snoop-based backend. Works on IRIX.
  - Use uint64_t, not u_int64_t
  - define a lying gethostbyname2() if it's not defined
  - define STDOUT_FILENO if it's not defined
  - configure.in: check for gethostbyname2
  - configure.in: Check for uint{16,32,64}_t
  - Configure switch to install samples
  - Attempt at applying a patch to get installable samples, which doesn't work.
  - Pointers not cleared after free could lead to double deallocation.
  - Convert CRLF to LF.
  - Auto* changes to work on OS X from git checkout.
  - Update autobuild endianness and unaligned checks.
  - Add srcdir to include path.
  - Adjust srcdir and builddir so libnet can build out-of-tree

* Tue Dec 28 2010 Robert Scheck <robert at fedoraproject.org> 1.1.5-1
- Upgrade to 1.1.5
* Fri Jul  9 2010 Robert Scheck <robert at fedoraproject.org> 1.1.4-4
- Added patch for capability support rather UID check (#589770)

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