epel beta report: 20100714 changes

EPEL Beta Report epel at fedoraproject.org
Wed Jul 14 04:16:54 UTC 2010

Compose started at Wed Jul 14 03:41:31 UTC 2010

New package R-qtl
        Tools for analyzing QTL experiments
New package RabbIT
        Proxy for a faster web
New package SDL_mixer
        Simple DirectMedia Layer - Sample Mixer Library
New package avr-binutils
        Cross Compiling GNU binutils targeted at avr
New package avr-gcc
        Cross Compiling GNU GCC targeted at avr
New package cpmtools
        Programs for accessing CP/M disks
New package dnsjava
        Java DNS implementation
New package docbook2X
        Convert docbook into man and Texinfo
New package erlang-eradius
        RADIUS authentication/accounting for erlang apps
New package extrema
        Extrema is a powerful visualization and data analysis tool
New package ferm
        For Easy Rule Making
New package flow-tools
        Tool set for working with NetFlow data
New package gambit-c
        Scheme programming system
New package gitosis
        Git repository hosting application
New package gnustep-make
        GNUstep makefile package
New package gocr
        GNU Optical Character Recognition program
New package gpsim
        A simulator for Microchip (TM) PIC (TM) microcontrollers
New package gtkglarea2
        OpenGL GTK widget
New package itcl
        Object oriented extensions to Tcl and Tk
New package jettison
        A JSON StAX implementation
New package joda-time
        Java date and time API
New package ktechlab
        Development and simulation of microcontrollers and electronic circuits
New package libQGLViewer
        Qt based OpenGL generic 3D viewer library
New package mars-sim
        Mars Simulation Project
New package nightview
        A general astronomical software package to control of a CCD camera
New package nsca
        Nagios Service Check Acceptor
New package oidentd
        Implementation of the RFC1413 identification server
New package opensips
        Open Source SIP Server
New package openslide
        C library for reading virtual slides
New package openvpn-auth-ldap
        OpenVPN plugin for LDAP authentication
New package openxcap
        Fully featured XCAP server
New package p7zip
        Very high compression ratio file archiver
New package perl-AnyData
        Easy access to data in many formats
New package perl-Cflow
        Find flows in raw IP flow files
New package perl-Class-C3
        Pragma to use the C3 method resolution order algorithm
New package perl-Class-MOP
        A Meta Object Protocol for Perl 5
New package perl-DBIx-ContextualFetch
        Add contextual fetches to DBI
New package perl-Email-Abstract
        Unified interface to mail representations
New package perl-Email-Date-Format
        Produce RFC 2822 date strings
New package perl-Email-MIME
        Easy MIME message parsing
New package perl-Email-MIME-ContentType
        Parse a MIME Content-Type Header
New package perl-Email-MIME-Encodings
        Unified interface to MIME encoding and decoding
New package perl-Email-Simple
        Simple parsing of RFC2822 message format and headers
New package perl-File-FcntlLock
        Perl module for file locking with fcntl
New package perl-Font-AFM
        Perl interface to Adobe Font Metrics files
New package perl-Geography-Countries
        2-letter, 3-letter, and numerical codes for countries
New package perl-HTML-Format
        HTML formatter modules
New package perl-Ima-DBI
        Database connection caching and organization
New package perl-Image-ExifTool
        Utility for reading and writing image meta info
New package perl-Lingua-EN-Inflect
        Convert singular to plural, select "a" or "an"
New package perl-Lingua-EN-Inflect-Number
        Force number of words to singular or plural
New package perl-MRO-Compat
        Mro::* interface compatibility for Perls < 5.9.5
New package perl-Mail-Box
        Manage a mailbox, a folder with messages
New package perl-Mail-IMAPClient
        An IMAP Client API
New package perl-Mail-Transport-Dbx
        Parse Outlook Express mailboxes
New package perl-Net-IMAP-Simple
        Simple IMAP account handling
New package perl-Object-Realize-Later
        Delayed creation of objects
New package perl-UNIVERSAL-moniker
        Real world naming for classes
New package perl-User-Identity
        Maintains info about a physical person
New package perl-XML-FeedPP
        Parse/write/merge/edit RSS/RDF/Atom syndication feeds
New package petit
        Log analysis tool for syslog, Apache and raw log files
New package php-PHPMailer
        PHP email transport class with a lot of features
New package php-pecl-gmagick
        Provides a wrapper to the GraphicsMagick library
New package php-pecl-imagick
        Provides a wrapper to the ImageMagick library
New package php-pecl-parsekit
        PHP Opcode Analyser
New package php-pecl-runkit
        Mangle with user defined functions and classes
New package php-suhosin
        Suhosin is an advanced protection system for PHP installations
New package physfs
        Library to provide abstract access to various archives
New package pidgin-otr
        Off-The-Record Messaging plugin for Pidgin
New package pipestat
        Watches data flowing over an anonymous pipe
New package plee-the-bear
        2D platform game
New package pyke
        Knowledge-based inference engine
New package python-alsa
        Python binding for the ALSA library
New package python-eventlet
        Highly concurrent networking library
New package python-morbid
        A lightweight message queue for bundled deployment
New package python-numdisplay
        Visualize numpy array objects in ds9
New package python-ogg
        Python wrapper for the Ogg libraries
New package python-ply
        Python Lex-Yacc
New package python-pp
        Parallel execution of python on smp
New package python-twitter
        A python wrapper around the Twitter API
New package re2c
        Tool for generating C-based recognizers from regular expressions
New package rubygem-rack
        Common API for connecting web frameworks, web servers and layers of software
New package rubygem-sinatra
        Ruby-based web application framework
New package sextractor
        Extract catalogs of sources from astronomical images
New package soundtouch
        Audio Processing library for changing Tempo, Pitch and Playback Rates
New package ssss
        Shamir's secret sharing scheme
New package sugar
        Constructionist learning platform
New package sugar-artwork
        Artwork for Sugar look-and-feel
New package sugar-base
        Base Sugar library
New package sugar-datastore
        Sugar Datastore
New package sugar-settings-manager
        Settings manager for the Sugar environment
New package sugar-toolkit
        Sugar toolkit
New package supybot
        Cross-platform IRC bot written in Python
New package supybot-meetbot
        Plugin for Supybot for handling IRC meetings
New package swing-layout
        Natural layout for Swing panels
New package task
        A command-line to do list manager
New package tclchecker
        Tcl syntax checker
New package tcldebugger
        Tcl debugging library
New package tcllib
        The standard Tcl library
New package tclparser
        Tcl syntax parser
New package tkcon
        Tcl GUI console
New package tktable
        Table/matrix widget extension to Tcl/Tk
New package toped
        VLSI IC Layout Editor
New package uisp
        Universal In-System Programmer for Atmel AVR and 8051
New package vanessa_logger
        Generic logging layer
New package volpack
        Portable library for fast volume rendering
New package wordnet
        A lexical database for the English language
New package wxPython
        GUI toolkit for the Python programming language
New package xapian-bindings
        Bindings for the Xapian Probabilistic Information Retrieval Library
New package xapian-core
        The Xapian Probabilistic Information Retrieval Library
New package xscreensaver
        X screen saver and locker
Updated Packages:

* Mon Jul 12 2010 Mike McGrath <mmcgrath at redhat.com> 0.8.7g-1
- Upstream released new version

* Mon May 24 2010 Mike McGrath <mmcgrath at redhat.com> - 0.8.7f-1
- Upstream released new version
- Contains security updates #595289

* Sun Jul 11 2010 Peter Lemenkov <lemenkov at gmail.com> 0.11.0-3
- Compatibility with Erlang R14A (see patch9)

* Tue Jun 22 2010 Peter Lemenkov <lemenkov at gmail.com> 0.11.0-2
- Massive spec cleanup

* Fri Jun 18 2010 Peter Lemenkov <lemenkov at gmail.com> 0.11.0-1
- Ver. 0.11.0 (a feature-freeze release candidate)

* Fri Jun 18 2010 Peter Lemenkov <lemenkov at gmail.com> 0.10.2-13
- Remove ldconfig invocation (no system-wide shared libraries)
- Removed icu-config requires

* Tue Jul 13 2010 Nathanael Noblet <nathanael at gnat.ca> - 3.9.0-7
- Fix dspam data dir permissions to be writeable by mail (Reported by Jonas Pasche)

* Sun Jul 11 2010 Peter Lemenkov <lemenkov at gmail.com> 1.6.0-0.4.20100601git07153bc
- Add missing runtime requirement - erlang-sasl
- Rebuild with Erlang/OTP R14A

* Tue Jul 13 2010 Peter Lemenkov <lemenkov at gmail.com> 1.3-0.5.20100507svn159
- Fixed several tests on EL-5 (enough to allow CouchDB to pass its own self-tests)

* Mon Jul 12 2010 Peter Lemenkov <lemenkov at gmail.com> 1.3-0.4.20100507svn159
- Rebuild with new Erlang
- Simplified spec-file

* Mon Jul 12 2010 Peter Lemenkov <lemenkov at gmail.com> 0-0.5.gite8aecf0
- Rebuild with new Erlang R14A
- Simplified spec-file
- Added missing requirement - erlang-kernel

* Sat Jul 10 2010 Robert Scheck <robert at fedoraproject.org> 0.17-11
- Corrected the wrong synopsis for -F/-N parameter (#601087 #c3)
- Added patch to avoid pointer with free(ed) memory (#601087 #c2)

* Wed Jun 30 2010 Mark Chappell <tremble at fedoraproject.org> - 0.101620-2
- Add in missing BuildRequires MRO::Compat

* Wed Jun 30 2010 Mark Chappell <tremble at fedoraproject.org> - 0.101620-1
- Update for release 0.101620

* Tue Jul 13 2010 Matěj Cepl <mcepl at redhat.com> - 0.3-1
- New upstream release.

* Tue Jul 13 2010 Matěj Cepl <mcepl at redhat.com> - 0.3-0.12.git20100712
- New upstream checkout, fixed compiler warnings.

* Mon Jul 12 2010 Matěj Cepl <mcepl at redhat.com> - 0.3-0.11.git20100712
- New upstream checkout, preparation for 0.3 release.
- Fix location of spectrum.cfg example.

* Sun Jul 11 2010 Chitlesh Goorah <chitlesh [AT] fedoraproject DOT org> - 3.803-1
- updated to 3.803

* Fri Jul 09 2010 Uwe Kubosch <uwe at kubosch.no> - 0.6.9-6.20100709git
- Updated to upstream maintenance snapshot.
- Fixes build problems on EL5
- Added zfs-fuse man page
- Removed package patching of linked libraries

* Mon Jul 05 2010 Uwe Kubosch <uwe at kubosch.no> - 0.6.9-5
- Cleanup of RPM spec and init script

Added Packages: 111
Removed Packages: 0
Modified Packages: 11

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