Packages in EL-6 beta 2 and EPEL-6

Mark Chappell tremble at
Wed Jul 21 15:59:12 UTC 2010

Marcela Mašláňová wrote:
> On 07/20/2010 10:49 AM, Mark Chappell wrote:
>> perl-Email-Date-Format, 
> mark as dead

Is anyone from RedHat able to comment on the question:
At which point in the EL-6.0 cycle is the collection of packages likely
to become fixed ? (I don't mean version numbers)

In other words is there going to be a point prior to GA at which we can
do a final prune so as not to accidentally override something early in
the process?

We've had packages leave and enter between beta 1 and 2, which has
broken packages in EPEL-6 (missing deps) and has also resulted in
packages not quite having a version match between RHEL-6 (b2) and EPEL-6


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