how to add condor related packages (and their dependencies) to EPEL

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Mon Mar 1 17:55:12 UTC 2010

Hello, my name is Lee, and I am new to the epel-devel-list.

I am looking for the best way to get condor related packages that are currently available in Fedora to become available in EPEL.  I've looked through the epel-devel-list history from present back through mid-2007 and see no mention of condor.

After reading I'm still not sure how to proceed.
I understand that an EPEL package maintainer needs to be determined, and it seems the fedora package maintainer has first dibs on providing the package to EPEL.  However, I do not see a way to contact the persons that are maintaining the packages below to see if they would be interested in providing them in EPEL.

I think the wish-list is only for things that are not currently in Fedora. Below are the fedora packages I would like to see in EPEL, how can I proceed to help that happen?

Thx, Lee

condor -- Condor: High Throughput Computing
condor-ec2-enhanced -- Condor EC2 Enhanced AMI package
condor-ec2-enhanced-hooks -- Condor EC2 Enhanced hooks
condor-job-hooks -- Condor Job Hooks
condor-low-latency -- Condor's Low-Latency Scheduling

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