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RE: how to add condor related packages (and their dependencies) to EPEL

In addition to the "admin" pages, you will want to visit Koji:  

Koji is the build system for the Fedora Project, which includes the
Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL), and has more details on
dependencies and other things that could run into possible issues:  

It's always best to do some "due dillgence" on this for any package that
has not yet made it to EPEL, as there may already be some reason why it
has not.

In the case of Condor, it looks like most dependencies are either in EL
or already have EPEL versions -- e.g., gsoap[-devel]:  

As far as finding out how to contact maintainers, the aforementioned
rpmID/buildID pages at Koji have the "changelog" with contact e-mails
for various maintainers who have built the package.  ;)

On Mon, 2010-03-01 at 12:55 -0500, leemitchell ups com wrote:
> Hello, my name is Lee, and I am new to the epel-devel-list. 
> I am looking for the best way to get condor related packages that are
> currently available in Fedora to become available in EPEL.  I’ve
> looked through the epel-devel-list history from present back through
> mid-2007 and see no mention of condor.
> After reading https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL/FAQ I’m still not
> sure how to proceed.  
> I understand that an EPEL package maintainer needs to be determined,
> and it seems the fedora package maintainer has first dibs on providing
> the package to EPEL.  However, I do not see a way to contact the
> persons that are maintaining the packages below to see if they would
> be interested in providing them in EPEL.  
> I think the wish-list is only for things that are not currently in
> Fedora. Below are the fedora packages I would like to see in EPEL, how
> can I proceed to help that happen?  
> Thx, Lee
> condor -- Condor: High Throughput Computing
> condor-ec2-enhanced -- Condor EC2 Enhanced AMI package
> condor-ec2-enhanced-hooks -- Condor EC2 Enhanced hooks
> condor-job-hooks -- Condor Job Hooks
> condor-low-latency -- Condor's Low-Latency Scheduling
> Listed at:
> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/pkgdb/collections/id/22?packages_tgp_no=8&packages_tgp_ordering=name&_csrf_token=06c79d7271377884f45272eedf11b6ca30164e24&packages_tgp_limit=100

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