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Re: Upgrade hack for bacula in EPEL5

On Sun, 14 Mar 2010 16:22:44 +0100
Felix Schwarz <felix schwarz oss schwarz eu> wrote:

> Hi,
> yesterday I built bacula 2.4.4 in EPEL5 to fix the current upgrade
> problems as described previously here (2010-02-07). I just pushed the
> update to testing:
> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/bacula-2.4.4-2.el5
> I updated a couple of internal systems of mine without any problems.
> However I would like to see more testing if possible.

An excellent idea. ;) 

> IMHO the update should stay in testing for 2 months. Who should I
> ping so that the package is not pushed automatically? Is it enough if
> I just don't push it to stable?

Make sure the web interface shows that you have unset "Enable karma
automatism" so a +3 karma won't automatically push it to stable. 

> Kevin Fenzi also mentioned that this update should be mentioned on
> the announcement list when it hits stable. What's the process of
> writing an email to that list?

It's a moderated list: 

Just explain what was changed, whats in the update, what to expect and
how to provide feedback. 


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