EPEL-6 Plan of attack

Dennis Gilmore dennis at ausil.us
Tue Mar 16 17:38:39 UTC 2010

Hi All,

I wanted to put out there the plan for EL-6 branching and building.

whenever EL-6 beta is announced we will setup the base repos for building.

we will also announce our intention to branch.

Every package that is not orphaned in EL-5 will be branched for EL-6.  there 
will be an opt-out.  place a file in your EL-5 branch called  nobranch and 
place in it the reason why.

for instance python-hashlib is in EL-5 to support stronger hashed metadata for 
the buildsystem.  its part of newer pythons so my nobranch file will contain 
"Exists in newer python"  this is just a historical something so if someone 
down the road questions why they can go and see 

We will give 2 weeks from announcement before we setup the cvs branches.  this 
will let us make sure anything thats in EL-6 gets nobranch files   we will be 
branching EL-6 branches from F-12 branches 

the buildroot will start with an empty epel.  and we will need to do a mass 
rebuild of everything.  we could do this one of two ways.  releng initiated or 
developer initiated. either way developers will be free to do there own 
builds. and we will be able to do tagging to satisfy deps for bootstrapping. 

during the beta phase i would like to keep bodhi out of the way and do a 
rawhide style unsigned nightly repo.   once we get to GA we will sign all rpms 
and go through bodhi. anything with broken deps being pushed to testing and 
everything else in the inital stable repo. with bodhi used for updates going 

Comments, thoughts, and feedback welcome


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