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Re: EPEL-6 Plan of attack

Dennis Gilmore (dennis ausil us) said: 
> we will also announce our intention to branch.
> Every package that is not orphaned in EL-5 will be branched for EL-6.

There needs to be some provision here for things included in EL-6 already
(I'm sure there will be some)

> for instance python-hashlib is in EL-5 to support stronger hashed metadata for 
> the buildsystem.  its part of newer pythons so my nobranch file will contain 
> "Exists in newer python"  this is just a historical something so if someone 
> down the road questions why they can go and see 
> We will give 2 weeks from announcement before we setup the cvs branches.  this 
> will let us make sure anything thats in EL-6 gets nobranch files   we will be 
> branching EL-6 branches from F-12 branches 

Can't there be some automation of this part - examine the EL-6 repo
for things that obsolete existing EPEL packages?


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