my EPEL-6 packages up for takers

Christopher chrismcc at
Sat May 1 19:47:50 UTC 2010


On Sat, 2010-05-01 at 16:51 +0200, Patrice Dumas wrote:
> Hello,
> I won't, at least for now, maintain the packages I maintain in EPEL-5 in
> EPEL-6. I have added a nobranch file in all of them. If you want to take up
> the package, you can. It is still unclear to me how to practically ensure
> that you become the EPEL-6 branch owner, instead of me, though. Hopefully
> this will be sorted out.

I'll try to take as many as I can.  It happens that I will have lots of
free time over the next month or so.  Most of the hard part has already
been done, so it should not be too hard except where is noted below.

I'm already testing EPEL builds on RHEL6 internally.

I'll sync with you off list tomorrow or Monday if that is OK with you

> If you want to maintain the EL-5 (or even EL-4) branch too, don't 
> hesitate, the less package I maintain the better I am.


> I think that wdm should not be maintained in EL-6 anyway, since upstream
> is dead and there is no ConsoleKit integration.
> For the dap-* packages it maybe worth waiting for a stabilisation of 
> the ABI, and maybe integration with bes and packaging of olfs to have a 
> working hyrax server before branching. My guess is that there are no 
> users of these packages anyway. Also maybe the opendap implementantion 
> in netcdf itself could be used instead of libdap/libnc-dap.
> The list is:
> acpitool
> asa
> bibexport
> BibTool
> bitmap
> boolstuff
> cernlib
> cernlib-g77
> cppunit
> dap-freeform_handler
> dap-hdf4_handler
> dap-netcdf_handler
> dap-server
> docbook2X
> elektra
> esmtp
> flasm
> g2clib
> gnochm
> gpicview
> grads
> halevt
> html2ps
> kchmviewer
> libdap
> libdockapp
> libesmtp
> libnc-dap
> libsx
> ooo2txt
> pam_ssh
> perl-Algorithm-CurveFit
> perl-Cache
> perl-Feed-Find
> perl-File-BaseDir
> perl-File-DesktopEntry
> perl-File-MimeInfo
> perl-File-NFSLock
> perl-Heap
> perl-HTML-FormatText-WithLinks
> perl-LWP-Authen-Wsse
> perl-Math-MatrixReal
> perl-Math-Symbolic
> perl-Module-Signature
> perl-Parse-Yapp
> perl-Statistics-Descriptive
> perl-Test-Distribution
> perl-Text-CHM
> perl-Text-Unidecode
> pmount
> ps2eps
> python-chm
> tetex-elsevier
> tetex-tex4ht
> uread
> wdm
> wmacpi
> wmix
> xbae
> xchm
> xdialog

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