how to add condor related packages (and their dependencies) to EPEL

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Mon May 3 12:30:02 UTC 2010

Steve, Thank you for your inquiry.  

I exchanged messages with Matt Farrelle (matt at via bugzilla comments.  I also recently spoke with Matt personally at condor week 2010.  Matt maintains the condor package in fedora, as well the classads package which is the only non-EPEL package that condor depends upon.  I believe Matt is also involved in Redhat's MRG product.

Matt is not interested in branching the condor and classads packages for EPEL.  He gave me permission to branch them into EPEL, and he asked to be listed as a co-maintainer for those packages in EPEL, in case he needs to fix something down the road.  He also asked me to let him know if I had any problems or questions.

The purpose of this paragraph is to let you know that I don't know how long it will be before I actually can do the work of packaging condor in EPEL:  Steve,  I am a member of fedora (pretty new to fedora), but I am not yet a fedora package maintainer (much less an EPEL package maintainer).  I have my first package (gretl) in a stat that I think is pretty close to done, but I have not touched it since returning from condor week. (I want to do a couple more changes to it before submitting it, and I also need to figure out currently unknown dependencies [fails to build in mock])  

If you, Steve, or anybody else is interested in branching condor and classads into EPEL, I think that would be great.  It should be pretty easy since Matt already has it building on RHEL 5.

Anybody interested?

- Lee 

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On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 7:55 PM,  <leemitchell at> wrote:
> Hello, my name is Lee, and I am new to the epel-devel-list.
> I am looking for the best way to get condor related packages that are
> currently available in Fedora to become available in EPEL.  I've looked
> through the epel-devel-list history from present back through mid-2007 and
> see no mention of condor.

Hi Lee,
  Did you manage to make any progress with checking condor and EPEL.

> After reading I'm still not sure how
> to proceed.
> I understand that an EPEL package maintainer needs to be determined, and it
> seems the fedora package maintainer has first dibs on providing the package
> to EPEL.  However, I do not see a way to contact the persons that are
> maintaining the packages below to see if they would be interested in
> providing them in EPEL.
> I think the wish-list is only for things that are not currently in Fedora.
> Below are the fedora packages I would like to see in EPEL, how can I proceed
> to help that happen?
> Thx, Lee
> condor -- Condor: High Throughput Computing
> condor-ec2-enhanced -- Condor EC2 Enhanced AMI package
> condor-ec2-enhanced-hooks -- Condor EC2 Enhanced hooks
> condor-job-hooks -- Condor Job Hooks
> condor-low-latency -- Condor's Low-Latency Scheduling
> Listed at:
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Steve Traylen

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