epel beta report: 20100511 changes

EPEL Beta Report epel at fedoraproject.org
Tue May 11 00:22:31 UTC 2010

Compose started at Tue May 11 00:05:29 UTC 2010

New package Spawning
        A HTTP server for hosting WSGI python web applications
New package activemq-cpp
        C++ implementation of JMS-like messaging client
New package ann
        Library for searching Approximate Nearest Neighbors
New package arp-scan
        Scanning and fingerprinting tool
New package atari++
        Unix based emulator of the Atari eight bit computers
New package atasm
        6502 cross-assembler
New package balance
        TCP load-balancing proxy server with round robin and failover mechanisms
New package bucardo
        Postgres replication system for both multi-master and multi-slave operations
New package callweaver
        The Truly Open Source PBX
New package collectl
        A utility to collect various linux performance data
New package dahdi-tools
        Userspace tools to configure the DAHDI kernel modules
New package devio
        Read and write utility for block devices
New package dropbear
        SSH2 server and client
New package ez-ipupdate
        Client for Dynamic DNS Services
New package fedora-usermgmt
        Fedora tools for user management
New package fpaste
        A simple tool for pasting info onto fpaste.org
New package freetds
        Implementation of the TDS (Tabular DataStream) protocol
New package garmindev
        Drivers for communication with Garmin GPS devices
New package glib
        A library of handy utility functions
New package gtk+
        The GIMP ToolKit
New package hercstudio
        GUI front-end to the Hercules mainframe Emulator
New package hercules
        Hercules S/370, ESA/390, and z/Architecture emulator
New package iksemel
        An XML parser library designed for Jabber applications
New package js
        JavaScript interpreter and libraries
New package libgdiplus
        An implementation of the GDI+ API
New package libpri
        An implementation of Primary Rate ISDN
New package libresample
        A real-time library for audio sampling rate conversion
New package libss7
        SS7 protocol services to applications
New package loudmouth
        XMPP/Jabber C programming library
New package mISDN
        Userspace part of Modular ISDN stack
New package maxima
        Symbolic Computation Program
New package mydns
        A Database based DNS server
New package pen
        Load balancer for "simple" tcp based protocols such as http or smtp
New package perl-DBIx-Safe
        Safer access to your database through a DBI database handle
New package perl-Module-Signature
        CPAN signature management utilities and modules
New package pki-symkey
        Symmetric Key JNI Package
New package podofo
        Tools and libraries to work with the PDF file format
New package python-pycha
        A library for drawing charts with Python and Cairo
New package pywebdav
        WebDAV library
New package qgit
        GUI browser for git repositories
New package radiusclient-ng
        RADIUS protocol client library
New package ripmime
        Extract attachments out of a MIME encoded email packages
New package rkhunter
        A host-based tool to scan for rootkits, backdoors and local exploits
New package spandsp
        A DSP library for telephony
New package squirrel
        High level imperative/OO programming language
New package torque
        Tera-scale Open-source Resource and QUEue manager
New package touchcal
        Calibration utility for touch screens
New package xa
        6502/65816 cross-assembler
New package xemacs
        Different version of Emacs
New package xrdp
        Open source remote desktop protocol (RDP) server
Removed package symkey
Added Packages: 50
Removed Packages: 1
Modified Packages: 0

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