EPEL + EUS (Extended Update Support) [aka zStream]

BJ Dierkes wdierkes at 5dollarwhitebox.org
Tue May 11 19:23:29 UTC 2010

Hello all,

I wanted to ping the list for your thoughts on EUS/zStream [1] as it relates to EPEL.  I've asked in an IRC meeting before but the general consensus was EPEL wasn't going to bother with EUS.  What I wanted to see is, who [if anyone else] is concerned about making EPEL available for EUS.  There is no way obviously to honor the EUS patching requirements of only backporting security fixes, however making EPEL available for users of EUS might be something to consider.

The issue is, my company is evaluating the use of EUS however we also have the requirement of offering custom packages and EPEL.  But subscribing EPEL (built against RHEL 5.5) to an EUS box running RHEL 5.3 [for example] has the potential to break things (ehhem libevent).  Currently my options are to a) rebuild EPEL packages against each EUS point release on my own, or b) maintained point-in-time repos that simply provide all the packages when that point release was last updated and then no longer update that EPEL channel (not a good scenario).

Just wondering if this is a dilemma for anyone else and what the plan might be.


[1] http://bit.ly/NGWcK


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