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Wed May 12 01:52:50 UTC 2010

The following builds have been pushed to Fedora EPEL 5 updates-testing


Details about builds:

 dvtm-0.5.2-2.el5 (FEDORA-EPEL-2010-2776)
 Tiling window management for the console
Update Information:

Tiling window manager for the command line.

  [ 1 ] Bug #499993 - Review Request:  dvtm - Tiling window management for the console

 gtkterm-0.99.5-11.el5 (FEDORA-EPEL-2010-2773)
 Serial port terminal

 lib3ds-1.3.0-8.el5 (FEDORA-EPEL-2010-2773)
 3D Studio file format library

 mrepo-0.8.6-6.el5 (FEDORA-EPEL-2010-2778)
 A tool to set up a yum/apt mirror from various sources
Update Information:

Fix mounting of ISOs with SELinux in use.

* Mon May 10 2010 Jussi Lehtola <jussilehtola at fedoraproject.org> - 0.8.6-6
- Patch to get iso mounting working with SElinux (#589755).

  [ 1 ] Bug #589755 - selinux policy prevents mrepo mounting isos

 python-paramiko-1.7.6-1.el5 (FEDORA-EPEL-2010-2772)
 A SSH2 protocol library for python
Update Information:

v1.7.6 (Fanny) 1nov09 --------------------- * fixed bugs 411099 (sftp chdir
isn't unicode-safe), 363163 & 411910 (more IPv6 problems on windows), 413850
(race when server closes the channel), 426925 (support port numbers in host

* Mon Nov  2 2009 Jeffrey C. Ollie <jeff at ocjtech.us> - 1.7.6-1
- v1.7.6 (Fanny) 1nov09
- ---------------------
-  * fixed bugs 411099 (sftp chdir isn't unicode-safe), 363163 & 411910 (more
-    IPv6 problems on windows), 413850 (race when server closes the channel),
-    426925 (support port numbers in host keys)
* Tue Oct 13 2009 Jeremy Katz <katzj at fedoraproject.org> - 1.7.5-2
- Fix race condition (#526341)

 python-webhelpers-1.0-0.1.b6.el5 (FEDORA-EPEL-2010-2775)
 Helper library for aiding the writing of web templates in Python
Update Information:

1.0b6  -----    * webhelpers.containers / webhelpers.misc:      - ``NotGiven``
moved to webhelpers.misc.    * webhelpers.html.grid / webhelpers.pylonslib.grid:
- Updates by Ergo, including SQLAlchemy grid classes.    * webhelpers.misc:
- New function ``deprecate``.    * webhelpers.number:      - New functions
``format_data_size``, ``format_byte_size``, and      ``format_bit_size`` for
displaying numbers in SI units      ("1.2 kilobytes", "1.2 kB", "1.0 KiB").
Contributed by      Wojciech Malinowski.    1.0b5 (2010-03-18)
------------------    * webhelpers.html.converters:      - Re-add import of
``render`` and ``sanitize`` from      ``webhelpers.html.render``.  That module
is not public.    * webhelpers.misc:      - New exception ``OverwriteError``.
- Add ``exclude`` argument to ``subclasses_only``.    * webhelpers.text:      -
Disable ``convert_misc_characters``: it fails its doctests and there's      no
consensus on what it should do.    * "number_to_human_size.py" is in unfinished
directory. This is an old rails    helper from WebHelpers 0.6.4. It's here
pending a more comprehensive helper;    see
1.0b4 (2010-01-24)  ------------------    * Delete ``webhelpers.string24``.
WebHelpers no longer supports Python 2.3.    * webhelpers.feedgenerator:      -
Add a basic ``Geometry`` class for the Geo helpers.    *
webhelpers.html.grid_demo:      - Demonstrates ``webhelpers.html.grid``. Run as
"python -m webhelpers.html.grid_demo OUTPUT_DIRECTORY".    *
webhelpers.html.converters:      - Don't import ``render`` and ``sanitize`` to
converters module.      (Reversed in 1.0b5.)    * webhelpers.html.secure_form:
- Move module to ``webhelpers.pylonslib.secure_form`` because it depends      on
``pylons.session``.    * webhelpers.misc:      - New helper ``flatten`` to
interpolate embedded lists and tuples.    - New helper ``subclasses_only`` to
extract the subclasses of an abstract      base class from a module or iterable.
* webhelpers.pylonslib.flash:      - Moved to its own module.    - Changed
``Flash.__html__()`` implementation.    - Categories may be specified in
constructor. Patch by Eli Collins.    * webhelpers.pylonslib.grid:      -
Bugfixes.    * webhelpers.pylonslib.minify:      - Bugfix.    * webhelpers.util:
- Bugfix: ``parse_qs`` moved from ``cgi`` to ``urlparse`` in Python 2.6.
Patch by Mike Verdone.    1.0b3 (2009-12-29)  ------------------  *
webhelpers.feedgenerator:      - Allow either lat-lon and lon-lat formats in
geometry data. The default is      lat-lon. For lon-lat, set
``GeoFeedMixin.is_input_latitude_first`` to       false. (You can set in a
subclass or instance before writing the output.)      lat-lon is the most common
format but GeoDjango and some other libraries      use lon-lat. The XML output
is always lat-lon per the GeoRSS spec.    * webhelpers.html.grid:      - New
module to create an HTML table from a list of records.    *
webhelpers.html.tags:      - New helpers ``Doctype`` (class) and
``xml_declaration``.      - Python 2.5 compatibility fix by Yuen Ho Wong. (#20)
* webhelpers.html.tools:      - New helper ``js_obfuscate`` implements the old
rails helpers.    * webhelpers.util:      - New helper ``update_params`` to
update query parameters in a URL.    1.0b2 (2009-12-21)  ------------------  *
webhelpers.constants:      - Fix spelling of Massachusetts.    *
webhelpers.feedgenerator:      - Sync with Django rev 11910. This adds GeoRSS
and makes the API more      extensible, as well as fixing a few bugs.      (Re-
added the Atom1 'published' property.)      (The 'generator' and 'source'
properties were lost, but they weren't      working correctly anyway.)
GeoRSS usage: use the Geo\* classes and add  ``geometry=(lat, lon)`` to
each news item. Other shapes and a (not yet implemented) Geometry class are
allowed; see the source.    * webhelpers.html:      - New ``HTML.cdata()``
method for producing "<!![CDATA[ ... ]]>" sections.    - The basic tag builders
(``HTML.a()`` and ``HTML.tag("a")``) now have a      ``_nl`` arg which, if true,
inserts a newline between content elements      and at the end of the tag for
readability.  Example::            HTML.a("A", "B", href="/")  =>   '<a
href="/">AB</a>'          HTML.a("A", "B", href="/", _nl=True)   =>   '<a
href="/">\nA\nB\n</a>\n'        This does not affect HTML attributes nor the
higher-level tag helpers.      The exact spacing is subject to change.  The tag
building code has been      refactored to accommodate this.    *
webhelpers.html.tags:      - ``form()`` puts its hidden "_method" field in a
'<div style="display:none">'      to conform to XHTML syntax. The style prevents
the div from being displayed      or affecting the layout. A new arg
``hidden_fields`` may be a dict or      iterable of additional hidden fields,
which will be added to the div.    - Set magic ID attribute in ``hidden`` helper
to match behavior of the other      tag helpers.    - ``image()`` can now
calculate the width and height automatically      from an image file, using
either the PIL algorithm or the pure Python      algorithm in
``webhelpers.media``. It also logs the dimensions to the      debug log for
troubleshooting.    * webhelpers.html.tools:      - Reimplement ``highlight()``
using the HTML builder. New arguments add      flexibility.  Deprecate the
``highlighter`` argument, which creates tags      via string interpolation.    -
Fixed ``auto_link()`` to parse slash characters in query string.      Patch by
hanula; Bitbucket issue #10.    - Fix HTML overescaping and underescaping in
auto_link().  Patch by Marius      Gedminas.  A parsing bug remains:
http://pylonshq.com/project/pylonshq/ticket/657    * webhelpers.markdown /
webhelpers.html.converters:      - ``webhelpers.markdown`` will not be upgraded
to the version 2 series but      will remain at 1.7. Users who want the latest
bugfixes and extensions      should download the full Markdown package or the
alternative Markdown2      from PyPI.    - The ``markdown()`` helper in
``webhelpers.html.converters`` now has support for external Markdown
implementations. You can pass a specific module via the ``markdown``
argument, otherwise it will attempt to import ``markdown`` or fall back      to
``webhelpers.markdown``.     - To see which version is autoloaded,        call
``_get_markdown_module()`` and inspect the ``.__file__``,       ``.version``,
and/or ``.version_info`` attributes of the return value.    * webhelpers.media:
- Bugfix in ``get_dimensions_pil``.    * webhelpers.paginate:      - Change for
SQLAlchemy 0.6. (bug #11)    * webhelpers.pylonslib:      - Fix HTML
overescaping.  Patch by Marius Gedminas.      1.0b1 (2009-11-20)
------------------  * Delete deprecated subpackage: rails.    These are replaced
by new helpers in date, html, misc, number, text.  * Delete other deprecated
subpackages: commands, hinclude, htmlgen, pagination.    Pagination is replaced
by paginate.  * webhelpers.constants:      - ``uk_counties`` returns tuples
rather than strings.    * webhelpers.feedgenerator:      - ``rfc3339_date`` now
accepts date objects without crashing.    - Add 'generator' and 'source'
properties to RSS2 feeds. Patch by      Vince Spicer. (Removed in 1.0b2 due to
bugs.)    - Add 'published' property to Atom1 feeds.    *
webhelpers.html.converters:      - New helper ``render()`` formats HTML to text.
- New helper ``sanitize()`` strips HTML tags from user input.    *
webhelprs.html.tags:      - New helper ``css_classes()`` to add classes to a tag
programmatically.    - Fix bug in tag helpers when passing ``id_`` argument
(although ``id`` is      recommended instead).    - Add OptionGroup class and
optgroup support to select().  Patch by      Alexandre Bourget.    *
webhelpers.html.tools:    - New helper ``strip_tags()`` deletes HTML tags in a
string.    * webhelpers.paginate:      - Allow all versions of SQLAlchemy > 0.3.
- convert "_range" and "_pagelink" function to Page class method so that they
can be overridden    - pager "onclick" argument use template string value. So,
javascript code can      use "partial_url" or "page" value or any. Backward
compatibility is      considered.    - Add presliced list option to avoid
slicing when list is already.    * webhelpers.pylonslib:      - is now a
package.    - The ``Flash`` class now accepts severity categories, thanks to
Wichert      Akkerman.  The docstring shows how to set up auto-fading messages
using      Javascript a la Mac OSX's "Growl" feature.  This is backward
compatible       although you should delete existing sessions when upgrading
from 0.6.x.    - ``webhelpers.pylonslib.minify`` contains enhanced versions of
``javascript_link`` and ``stylesheet_link`` to minify (shrink) files for
more efficient transmission.  (EXPERIMENTAL: tests fail in
unfinished/disabled_test_pylonslib_minify.py; see
http://pylonshq.com/project/pylonshq/ticket/466 .)     * webhelpers.text:      -
Port several helpers from Ruby's "stringex" package.        + ``urlify()``
converts any string to a URL-friendly equivalent.        +
``remove_formatting()``.      + If the ``unidecode`` package is installed, these
two helpers will also        transliterate non-ASCII characters to their closest
pronounciation        equvivalent in ASCII.        + Four other helpers reduce
HTML entities or whitespace.

* Mon May 10 2010 Luke Macken <lmacken at redhat.com> - 1.0-0.1.b6
- Update to 1.0b6

  [ 1 ] Bug #590628 - Pagination breaks with new python-routes

 wordpress-mu-2.9.2-1.el5 (FEDORA-EPEL-2010-2774)
 WordPress-MU multi-user blogging software
Update Information:

Update to 2.9.2; security update for limiting access to trashed posts

* Mon May 10 2010 Bret McMillan <bretm at redhat.com> - 2.9.2-1
- updating to 2.9.2
* Fri Jan 29 2010 Bret McMillan <bretm at redhat.com> -
- collected bug fixes and enhancements from wordpress 2.9.x merged into wpmu 2.9.1
- Plugins options fix: http://trac.mu.wordpress.org/ticket/1193
- wp_getUserBlogs fix: http://trac.mu.wordpress.org/ticket/1195

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