virt-top not showing disk and network usage

Neil Aggarwal neil at
Sat May 22 02:40:18 UTC 2010


I installed virt-top from epel onto my host running KVM
on CentOS.  It was originally intalled with 5.4 and then
I did a yum update when 5.5 came out.

According to yum, I have these versions of the packages:
	libvirt.x86_64	0.6.3-33.el5
	kvm.x86_64		83-164.el5
	qemu.x86_64		2:0.10.5-1.el5.2
	kernel.x86_64	2.6.18-194.3.1.el5

When I run virt-top, it shows me the CPU and memory
usage of the VMs, but the disk and network colums
are empty.

I found this page:

That states it depends on what is supported by
libvirt and the hypervisor.

I guess the packages I have installed do not support

Any idea if/when it will be supported?

Are there alternative tools that will give me
that info?


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