epel beta report: 20101105 changes

EPEL Beta Report epel at fedoraproject.org
Fri Nov 5 17:55:57 UTC 2010

Compose started at Fri Nov  5 17:04:12 UTC 2010

New package php-phpunit-PHP-CodeCoverage
        PHP code coverage information
New package python-gflags
        Commandline flags module for Python
New package python-mox
        Mock object framework
New package rssh
        Restricted shell for use with OpenSSH, allowing only scp and/or sftp
New package rubygem-git
        A package for using Git in Ruby code
Updated Packages:

* Thu Nov 04 2010 Pavel Alexeev <Pahan at Hubbitus.info> - 0.6.1-10
- Add man3/3proxy.cfg.3 man (BZ#648204).
- Gone explicit man gzip - leave it for rpm.

* Thu Nov 04 2010 Paul Howarth <paul at city-fan.org> 2.3.6-1
- Update to 2.3.6 (see CHANGES-FCGID for full details)
  - Fix possible stack buffer overwrite (CVE-2010-3872)
  - Change the default for FcgidMaxRequestLen from 1GB to 128K; administrators
    should change this to an appropriate value based on site requirements
  - Correct a problem that resulted in FcgidMaxProcesses being ignored in some
  - Return 500 instead of segfaulting when the application returns no output
- Don't include SELinux policy for RHEL-5 builds since RHEL >= 5.5 includes it
- Explicitly require /bin/sed for fixconf script

* Wed Nov 03 2010 Tom "spot" Callaway <tcallawa at redhat.com> - 2.27-1
- update to 2.27

* Thu Nov 04 2010 Ingvar Hagelund <ingvar at redpill-linpro.com> - 2.1.4-4
- Added a patch fixing a missing echo in the init script that
  masked failure output from the script
- Added a patch from upstream, fixing a problem with Content-Length
  headers (upstream r5461, upstream bug #801)
- Added a patch from upstream, adding empty Default-Start and Default-Stop
  to initscripts for better lsb compliance
- Added varnish_reload_vcl from trunk
- Synced descriptions from release spec

Added Packages: 5
Removed Packages: 0
Modified Packages: 4

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