EPEL6 When to go out of Beta?

Stephen John Smoogen smooge at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 03:44:13 UTC 2010

On Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 17:29, Jesse Keating <jkeating at redhat.com> wrote:
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> On 11/15/2010 04:22 PM, Chris Adams wrote:
>> If not, I don't see any reason to wait, especially an arbitrary period
>> of time.  Release it now.
>> Some things may not be there at release time, but again, unless EPEL is
>> going to be held up for those packages, there's no point in waiting.
> I think part of the reason is that non-RHT customers have no binaries in
> which to test their builds upon.  Ballparking here, but I think not a
> small amount of EPEL packagers are CentOS (or other) users and not RHEL
> users.

The last time I checked it was 75% were CentOS users but that was
around 5 came out.

> That said, I think it would be quite fair to grant each EPEL packager
> with a RHEL developer entitlement which could be used to test their
> builds upon.

Good luck with that :).

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