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Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at
Wed Aug 10 17:51:37 UTC 2011

This is a heads up for people packaging or using applications that
depend on python-fedora.  Currently, python-fedora is one package that
contains code useful for both building clients that talk to Fedora
Infrastructure Services and servers that run on Fedora Infrastructure
(mainly CSRF protection and an auth provider to talk to the Fedora Account
System).  The package has Require: deps to make the client code run but not
everything to make the server run as that would drag packages that are only
needed on servers onto the clients.

I've been requested to fix this so I'll be splitting the python-fedora
package into three subpackages:

  python-fedora: will continue to provide the client code.  It will continue
    to have the same deps as the current package.
  python-fedora-turbogears: will provide the helpers for integrating with
    TurboGears1 and TurboGears2 applications.  This package will dep on
    the TurboGears and TurboGears2 packages in addition to the base package.
  python-fedora-django: will provide the integration with django servers.
    It will dep on Django in addition to the python-fedora base package.

For packagers, developers, and sysadmins needing python-fedora client code,
this should mean you need to make no changes.  yum install python-fedora
or Requires: python-fedora will continue to get you python-fedora and the
minimal deps needed for the client code to function.

For packagers, developers, and sysadmins working with server apps that need
python-fedora's server helper code, you'll need to update to pulling in the
subpackage relevant to your framework (for instance,
bodhi should change to use Requires: python-fedora-turbogears ).

The lack of complete deps was noted on an F14 box... since this is
a somewhat disruptive change (hopefully only for the relatively small number
of people working with server code) I was debating how far back to push it.
Since it needs to go into EPEL5 and EPEL6 as well as Fedora I've decided
that I'll push it out to F15+ as a compromise between keeping things stable
and fixing the issue everywhere.

Thank you,
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