Mock problem in EPEL 5?

Paul Howarth paul at
Mon Aug 22 15:59:28 UTC 2011

On 08/22/2011 04:37 PM, Jonathan Underwood wrote:
> Hi,
> I am seeing a package build fail in EPEL 5 that builds fine in EPEL6
> and Fedora. Specifically there seems to be a problem writing to /sbin
> in the build root:
> Installing Shorewall Version
> install: cannot create regular file `/sbin/shorewall': Permission denied
> ERROR: Failed to install -T -o root -g root -m 0755 shorewall /sbin/shorewall
> See
> Any ideas?

I'm surprised this builds at all in mock: it's trying to give away 
ownership of the file to root, which is a privileged operation. If you 
patch it not to try to do "-o root -g root" then it should work OK, and 
the resulting files will be owned by root anyway.


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