Smarty 3 and Template Inheritance RPM package?

Keith Roberts keith at
Thu Aug 25 14:03:27 UTC 2011

Thanks for Smarty 2.6.x which works fine on Centos 5.6

I see that Smarty 3 supports Template Inheritance:

Template inheritance is an approach to managing templates 
that resembles object-oriented programming techniques. 
Instead of the traditional use of {include ...} tags to 
manage parts of templates, you can inherit the contents of 
one template to another (like extending a class) and change 
blocks of content therein (like overriding methods of a 
class.) This keeps template management minimal and 
efficient, since each template only contains the differences 
from the template it extends.

Any ideas when Smarty 3 will be made available from the EPEL 
repo please, as I'd like to get on with using template 
inheritance, which is not available in Smarty 2.6.x

Kind Regards,

Keith Roberts


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