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Chris Wilson chris-epel-110727 at
Thu Jul 28 14:00:46 UTC 2011

Hi all,

OK, never mind about the captcha, I stopped trying to enter the letters 
that looked like backwards or upside-down letters and I succeeded.

On Wed, 27 Jul 2011, Chris Wilson wrote:

> My new package builds, but cannot be installed due to a dependency 
> problem. The original package depends on mysql-shared, but I think this is 
> called just "mysql" in redhat-ish distros. I tried the following macro:
> %if 0%{?fedora} || 0%{?rhel_version} || 0%{?centos_version}
> Requires: mysql postgresql-libs
> %else
> Requires: mysql-shared postgresql-libs
> %endif
> but it doesn't appear to work. Can anyone advise me?

Can anyone help me with this problem?

Cheers, Chris.
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