EPEL conflicts with RHEL channels (was: Possible new maintainer)

Matthias Saou thias at spam.spam.spam.spam.spam.spam.spam.egg.and.spam.freshrpms.net
Fri Jul 29 08:04:22 UTC 2011

Todd Zullinger wrote :

> David, do you know if the MRG folks have issues with facter and puppet
> in EPEL?  As I said, those packages have been in EPEL for years, so
> I'm not sure there's anything to be gained by trying to block them at
> this point.  We're already way past MRG in terms of NVR's.  But if
> there are ways we can help alleviate issues for MRG users, I'm game to
> try.

I seriously hope MRG will be ignored here : No one using puppet today
will be interested in the old packages it ships, and as you mentioned in
another post, upstream is *very* active and many people are tracking
the releases very closely (me included).


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