request for package for EPEL EL6 - digikam

David Crick dacrick at
Mon Mar 7 15:31:18 UTC 2011

EL6 lacks a sophisticated photo management program.
The best, yet still basic, available appears from my
investigation to be Eye of Gnome.

Showfoto was present in Fedora 12, albeit it only in
a 1.0 release.  However, it does not appear in the EL6
main or any of the 3rd party repositories.

Although basic in its early F12 and F13 releases, later
versions of Digikam introduced in updates such as 1.7
and 1.8 are very accomplished.

The current version of Digikam in F13 and F14 updates,
as well as the current F15 development branch, is

Can I therefore please ask that the 1.8 Digikam
package be made available in EPEL for EL6, since it
will fill a very sizeable hole.  (Indeed for me personally it
will literally make the difference as to whether I could
adopt EL6 or not.)

With many thanks,


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