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Mon Mar 7 16:58:35 UTC 2011

Am 07.03.11 17:38, schrieb Jaime Melis:
> Hello,
> I am part of the OpenNebula [1] team and we would like to include 
> OpenNebula in EPEL. OpenNebula is in the process of becoming part of 
> all major linux distributions. Our problem with the EPEL has been that 
> we need the package xmlrpc-c to build OpenNebula and as far as I know 
> xmlrpc-c is not available in EPEL.
> Therefore I have some questions:
> - Is there anyone interested in becoming maintainer of OpenNebula for 
> - Is xmlrpc-c going to be included in EPEL 5?
> - Is xmlrpc-c going to be included in EPEL 6?
> - In case xmlrpc-c is going to be included in EPEL 6, is it possible 
> to start working on including OpenNebula for EPEL 6?
> [1]
Regarding to the package database there are not EPEL branches of this 
package. So it may be nice, if you can contact the maintainer of this 
package (ensc at to request the creation of an EPEL-6 
branch of this package.

Best Regards:

Jochen Schmitt
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