puppet-2.6.6 headed to testing, minor license change included

Todd Zullinger tmz at pobox.com
Fri Mar 18 20:05:35 UTC 2011


I've built puppet-2.6.6 for Fedora and EPEL.  The 0.25.x branch is not
actively maintained.  As mentioned in the subject, the license has
changed from GPLv2+ to GPLv2.  The reason for this is that upstream is
considering a move to a different license (an ASL or MIT style license
is what has been discussed).  Their legal advice was that it will be
easier to do this if the code is simply GPLv2 rather than "GPLv2 or
any later version."

As is typical with puppet version bumps, it is recommended to update
the puppetmaster before updating the clients.

Over the past several months of 2.6.x releases, a number of
regressions and incompatibilities have been found and fixed.  I've had
a testing repo on fedorapeople.org for that time where early adopters
can run the latest code.  The feedback I've gathered there has been
positive, with no ugly reports that existing configurations stopped
working after the update (those will all come in after the update goes
to stable in 3 weeks or so, I presume ;).

For details on what's changed, refer to the upstream release notes:


(I've applied several of the noted fixes from 2.6.7rc1 to the packages
headed to the testing repos.)

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