The great wiki repave of 2011

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Sat Mar 19 20:17:08 UTC 2011


I just spent my saturday afternoon landing the redesigned wiki pages
and cleaning up links, etc. :) 

So, the new wiki pages are LIVE!

Please start here:

If folks could look at that page and all those linked from it for: 

* typos
* links that aren't right
* places where we could reword or add info

That would be great. 

New pages are: <- needs lots of work (reworked to add meeting info/agenda)

There are 2 old pages that we should also look at further and see if we
can fold information from them into the existing new pages:

These pages contain great info, but it's very verbose, and I think we
could move it around to existing pages and reword. Help very welcome

I am going to mail our wiki admin to archive all the rest of the older
EPEL pages now. (I'll save off the above 2 in case we need them).

Hopefully this will be better for everyone and we can build on these!

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