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Subject: Wordpress(-mu):  Big changes coming
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Hi, Wordpress maintainer here.

In order to protect against two CVEs*, I'm upgrading Wordpress in all
releases to 3.1.  In addition, this will obsolete wordpress-mu, since
this functionality has been migrated to the main wordpress release as of
wordpress 3.0, and wordpress-mu has been deprecated upstream.  I would
not normally make so drastic a change on any stable release, especially
EPEL, but backporting patches to the 2.x series is becoming increasingly
unmaintainable.  This is already done for rawhide and F15, and I intend
to build for F13, F14, EL5 and EL6 today, and send them to testing, and
then push to stable one the appropriate period has elapsed.

Please redistribute this to anyone you know who might be affected and
may not be on this list.

Thank you,


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-d. bowie

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