Clamav + amavisd-new Was: Re: amavisd-new for EPEL6?

Jan-Frode Myklebust janfrode at
Thu Mar 10 11:50:50 UTC 2011

On 2011-03-05, Kevin Fenzi <kevin at> wrote:
> Well, there's (at least) one additional monkey wrench in this:=20
> recently we revamped clamav in EPEL.=20
> We need to fix up amavisd-new to handle the new clamav.=20
> So, if you could modify the package for the new clamav that would be
> outstanding. ;)=20

I finally saw the big changes done to clamav. The packaging is completely 
different, and woun't immediately work with amavisd-new from F14 or EPEL5. 
Without the "clamav-server" server package (now there's only a clamd 
providing standalone clamd-service), amavisd-new woun't be able to use the 
"clamd-wrapper" to create it's own scanner. When trying to run amavisd-new 
directly against the "clamd", I'm getting selinux denials.

These problems should be the same for this package in EPEL5 (where amavisd-new 
is available).  IMHO this update shouldn't be pushed for EPEL4 and EPEL6 
before the solution for EPEL5 packaging is clear. 


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