Proposal: LTSP needs alternative thin client-only kernel for EPEL6

Stephen John Smoogen smooge at
Mon May 23 23:00:55 UTC 2011

On Mon, May 23, 2011 at 16:16, Warren Togami Jr. <wtogami at> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm currently working on putting LTSP into EPEL6 as it would be a compelling
> long-term supported platform.  Currently it seems that I will be able to put
> all of the LTSP stack into EPEL6 with the exception of one package.

Ok looking over the basics:

1) It does not replace any RH package via RPM/repo namespace
2) It does not overwrite any files owned by an RH package
3) It will have instructions on how to let others update it if needed.

I don't see anything objectionable myself but want input from Dennis
Gilmore and others (who are on travel to FUDcon panama).

> I will need to build an alternative "ltsp-client-kernel" package which
> contains a minimally stripped down kernel only for LTSP clients.  It must be
> small for embedded devices, and built with different options because the
> standard EL6 kernel disabled some stuff we need like nbd.ko.  The thin
> clients would work great with this kernel combined with standard EL6 + EPEL6
> userspace packages.
> Maintenance would be reasonable because its source must only be kept in sync
> with the EL6 kernel source.  The ltsp-client-kernel package would be made in
> such a way that it will not be pulled in by deps of non-LTSP packages, so
> other users will not notice its existence at all. Furthermore, it will not
> auto-build a /boot/initramfs-* image and add itself to grub.conf like a
> standard kernel, because that is not how thin client embedded kernels are
> handled with LTSP.
> Any objections?  I will not be able to ship LTSP in EPEL without this
> package.
> Warren Togami
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