Fwd: Broken dependencies: thunderbird-lightning

Orion Poplawski orion at cora.nwra.com
Fri Aug 10 02:08:21 UTC 2012

I have no way (that I know of) of knowing what version of thunderbird 
(if any) is available on EL5 ppc.  Can someone enlighten me?

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Subject: Broken dependencies: thunderbird-lightning
Date: Sun,  5 Aug 2012 04:32:05 +0000 (UTC)
From: buildsys at fedoraproject.org
To: thunderbird-lightning-owner at fedoraproject.org

thunderbird-lightning has broken dependencies in the epel-5 tree:
On ppc:
	thunderbird-lightning-1.2.3-1.el5.ppc requires thunderbird < 0:11.0
	thunderbird-lightning-1.2.3-1.el5.ppc requires thunderbird >= 0:10.0
Please resolve this as soon as possible.

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