Request to allow an incompatible upgrade

BJ Dierkes derks at
Wed Aug 15 21:13:19 UTC 2012

I am the maintainer, as well as the upstream developer of 'python-cement', a CLI Application Framework for Python [1]. Current version of python-cement in EPEL 5/6 is 0.8.18, however I recently released version 2.0.0 upstream which is the next/current stable version. The 0.8.x/1.0.x branch is dead upstream and no longer maintained, and for that reason I would like to request the ability to break compatibility and upgrade EPEL to the latest stable and supported version of Cement.

This is a completely incompatible upgrade. Applications written on top of Cement 0.8.x would need significant changes (or a full rewrite of all the CLI pieces) to work with Cement 2.0.x. That said, there are no packages in EPEL that Requires: python-cement. Presumably there are users that are using python-cement for non-EPEL software however that is obviously not possible to know whether it is a significant number or not. Based on feedback, I don't think many people are using Cement 0.8.x but I really couldn't say officially.

Currently there are no known bugs or security issues with python-cement in EPEL as it stands, therefore it is not eligible for an 'incompatible upgrade'. That said, based on usage and its upstream status… I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.




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