Request EPEL Builds 4 calibre

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Just have one simple question:

 * Have you at least checked if RHEL6 provides the dependencies (versioning ?) to build the software?

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Assunto: Request EPEL Builds 4 calibre

I would like to request the following Fedora packages be built for
EPEL-6 if at all possible:


python-cssutils, I know src.rpm (from Fedora 16 anyway) rebuilds in
CentOS 6 mock without problem but I have not done any QA on the module
to make sure it behaves, but it's a typical noarch module so I would be
surprised if Fedora QA was not sufficient.

calibre does not rebuild. I tried two fedora src.rpm's :


Second (newer) gets quite a bit further than the first, and is where I
would (and may) put my effort into trying to fix for an EPEL-6 build.

python-cssutils is a build dependency for the calibre, and seems to be
the only build dependency that is not already in CentOS/EPEL 6.

Having both in EPEL would benefit me as bug fixes would roll in to my
system with yum updates.

My interest is strictly to have an eBook reader available on my devel
system for initial testing of output of an EPUB generation tool I am
working on, but there may be other people interested in having an eBook
reader as a general desktop application.

I predict that epub is going to replace PDF as the off-line downloadable
viewing option web sites commonly offer their users, so getting a
frequently used reader into EPEL now may be a good thing.


I don't have a Red Hat account to request EPEL builds through that
process and I objected to providing what they wanted me to provide to
get one back when I looked into it, I believe it wanted my phone number,
and I guard that and won't back down on that.

I also can't file bug reports as a result (such as the build failure of
calibre in CentOS/EPEL 6) but if I do get calibre to properly build I
will forward what I did to the fedora maintainer and this list.

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