Overlap policy v20120615

Bryan J Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Fri Jun 15 20:17:05 UTC 2012

Stephen John Smoogen <smooge at gmail.com> wrote:
> In this entire thread, you have done NO work beyond long long emails.
> You haven't come up with a list of packages that would be impacted,
> you haven't offered to come up with the changes to the build system
> you would need to make the extra channels.  You support no packages
> in EPEL.

If you say I have no maintainer worth or other record in the Fedora
Project and/or EPEL SIG, I'm guilty as charged.  No argument.

> You have attended no meetings.

I have read each and every meeting log over the last few months.  In
fact, the only reason I even took an interest was because of customer

> And somehow you are surprised that no one "listens" and the people who
> have done any or all of the above have an opinion different than
> yours. Maybe banging your head will enlighten you that your method of
> 40+ lines emails and multiple responses is not working.

I know we're all busy.  And I recognize I've taken out a couple hours
a week to write the e-mails.  I'm also engaged many more hours on this
from customer perspectives as well.

My maintainership is elsewhere right now.  I'm sure many have as well,
yet they find the time for EPEL maintanership that I do not.  At the
same time.

But it doesn't mean several of my warnings are not untrue.  I think
this continued path shoots the project in the foot, and undoes 10
years of RHEL history, including how the EL Rebuilds have
traditionally approached add-on channels.

But with that, I will end.  I appreciate all of the project leaders on
trying to address this and hoping to find a solution.  I will go back
to lurking and advise my customers correspondingly based on decisions.

Bryan J Smith - Professional, Technical Annoyance

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