[et-mgmt-tools] Getting started with cobbler

Michael DeHaan mdehaan at redhat.com
Mon Jul 2 14:52:08 UTC 2007

drew einhorn wrote:
> Set up my first cobbler server.
> Tried my first PXE boot.
> After a brief burst of activity the PXE boot dies complaining about a
> tftp open timeout.
> Took a look at the network traffic using wireshark.
> I see what appears to be normal RARP/ARP/DHCP traffic where the host 
> doing the
> PXE boot gets an IP number, etc.
> The host then sends the server a:
> TFTP read request for /pxelinux.0
> The server immediately replies with
> Type 3 (Destination Unreachable)
> Code 10 (Host Administratievely prohibited)
> Have not found any other error messages etc.
> Found the archives for this list but as far as I can tell they are not
> searchable.
If it's not a firewall/network configuration problem, the other 
possibility I could think of
would be the content for /tftpboot isn't labelled properly for SELinux, 
if you're using that.   From google, the
proper context appears to be "system_u:system_r:tftpd_t", doing a ls -lZ 
on pxelinux.0 should tell you if it
is labelled correctly.

By the way -- for searching the archives, this seems to work pretty well:

"your-keywords et-mgmt-tools site:www.redhat.com"


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