[et-mgmt-tools] Question about Guest disk image size limit

Jason Dunn jason.dunn at analog.com
Mon Jul 2 17:46:49 UTC 2007

I found this post from a few months back, and was wondering if anyone 
knew when this fix would make its way into RHEL5 if ever?  In the mean 
time, does anyone know what I could change that would allow me to have 
larger than 16GB image files for guest OS's?


Daniel P. Berrange wrote:

    On Fri, Mar 16, 2007 at 06:09:15PM +0900, Atsushi SAKAI wrote:



        Guest OS disk Image size is limited to 16GB in case we are using

        Is this any reason to limit this value?

    No, it seems bogus. It should be possible to create files as large as the
    underlying filesystem supports (typically 2TB)


        This information is written in following file.
        virt-manager-0.2.6 virt-manager.glade
        virt-manager-0.3.1 vmm-create.glade

I have fixed this in the tree. The upper limit on file size is now ~4 
TB, which "should be enough for anybody".


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