[et-mgmt-tools] VMware?

Hennessey Daniel Daniel.Hennessey at aah.co.uk
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For GSX server (the freely available one) the process is pretty much the
1 create the vmx file (well documented format)
2 create the disk image (using vmdiskmanager on GSX)
3 register the VM using "vmware-cmd -s register <path to vmx file>"


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	I just asked over on a VMware list.
	And got the following link.  It's an example command for
	VMware ESX VMs. The book it comes from looks very interesting.
	On 7/3/07, Michael DeHaan < mdehaan at redhat.com
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		drew einhorn wrote:
		> Things are working well on the ESX box now that I'm
past the cobbler 
		> and kickstart misconfigurations.
		> Every time I create an new vm I need to take a trip
though VMware's
		> Virtual Infrastructure Client, that I'd really like to
avoid.  VMware
		> has a few more options to besides ram and disk space
to configure 
		> before creating a VM.  Haven't taken a close enough
look to know
		> either how difficult it will be to live without being
able to set them
		> when the VM is created, or how difficult it would be
to extend cobbler 
		> to handle more VM attributes, or how this maps into
all the other
		> virtualization toolsets.
		Can you see if VMware has any docs for command line
creation of guests?
		If so, those attributes could be added in koan fairly
easily.   I don't 
		have a test platform,
		but would be more than happy to code something up in
koan if someone
		wanted to test the proof
		of concept.   Tracking a few additional attributes in
cobbler wouldn't
		be a problem.
		> On 7/2/07, *Michael DeHaan* < mdehaan at redhat.com
		> <mailto:mdehaan at redhat.com>> wrote:
		>     drew einhorn wrote: 
		>     > Cobbler / Koan supports Xen virtualization.
		>     >
		>     > Has anyone looked at what it would take to get
koan working
		>     > on other virtualization platforms?  I have a
VMware ESX box 
		>     > I'd like to be able to use it on.
		>     >
		>     Not to my knowledge -- though I like the idea.
		>     As far as I'm aware, vmware does understand PXE
installation, so koan 
		>     would just need a way to create an "empty" guest
		>     that would PXE itself.   I know this is the plan
for how we're
		>     going to
		>     support fully automatic installs for other 
		>     virtualization types like KVM, Xen hardware virt,
		>     If there are any VMware experts on the list,
patches would be great :)
		>     It seems like the syntax needed would not need to
even access the 
		>     cobbler server the way --virt does today, ex:
		>     koan --virt --virt-type=vmware
--mac=AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF --virt-name=foo
		>     [...other options...]
		>     --virt-type could default to "xenparavirt" and
current behavior. 
		>     --Michael
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