[et-mgmt-tools] Detect System from MAC Address Koan Patch

adamwolf at feelslikeburning.com adamwolf at feelslikeburning.com
Tue Jul 3 19:27:09 UTC 2007

This patch enables a --autodetect-system argument to koan.  It's for use
with --replace-self.  When --autodetect-system is used, koan gets the
local mac address, compares it to the listed mac addresses it got from
xmlrpc information.  If there is a single match, that system is set, and
the --replace-self process goes on as usual.

The patch is off the 0.5.0 release.

Currently, it grabs the mac address through some parsing of the output of
ifconfig.  This is non-ideal and is marked as such in the comments.  I was
pointed to some code that used rhpl, but that would require a new import
in koan.

Adam Wolf
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