[et-mgmt-tools] LiveCD installs

adamwolf at feelslikeburning.com adamwolf at feelslikeburning.com
Fri Jul 6 16:23:19 UTC 2007

I've written a CGI script and documented a process for making live CDs
that works with Cobbler.

My script simply returns the appropriate kickstart file. The kickstart can
be specified manually, with parameters appended to the url–?profile=foo or
?system=baz–or with no parameters, the script will look the requesting IP
address up through an XML-RPC call to Cobbler to find the appropriate
system, and use that kickstart.

The main idea behind the live CD is simple–append
ks=http://path/to/the/cgi/script.py to the isolinux.cfg file on a live CD
with Anaconda. I use the Fedora rescue disks. They’re fairly small, under
100 megs, and have some useful things built in.

However, you can do some cool stuff beyond adding the kickstart url.  I've
put together a cobbler splash, and changed the menu.

I have pictures and a little more detail on modifying the livecd on my web

I figure most everyone on the list is already familiar with the process,
so I won't paste it all in here.

Adam Wolf
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