[et-mgmt-tools] Re: "Could not communicate with" error

Axel Thimm Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net
Sun Jul 8 11:21:17 UTC 2007

On Wed, May 30, 2007 at 02:13:07PM -0400, Michael DeHaan wrote:
> Bill McGonigle wrote:
> >
> >On May 30, 2007, at 10:43, Michael DeHaan wrote:
> >
> >>
> >>If this is a fresh install, most likely you haven't rebooted so 
> >>cobblerd didn't come on automatically.
> >>
> >>/sbin/service cobblerd start
> >>
> >>Otherwise it might be a firewall issue, in which case you want to 
> >>unblock TCP port 25151.
> >
> >Thanks, for the response, Michael. As I mentioned, cobblerd is 
> >running, I can telnet to the port, and I tried turning off iptables.

> My apologies on my reading comprehension. Judging from the system name, 
> you've found a bug with system names not being something I ordinarily 
> expect them to be. Thankfully, there is an easy workaround that will do 
> what you want.
> Explanation -- What's going on is Cobbler system objects ("cobbler 
> system add --name=$name") really like to be IP's or hostnames, because 
> these are things that bootloaders understand. PXE, for instance, can't 
> key off of a hostname. In most places, if a hostname is given, cobbler 
> internally maps it to it's resolved IP when setting up a PXE tree. This 
> is really needless because it causes a bunch of dns lookups in an area 
> of the code that shouldn't have to be doing this. So, best practices 
> should state that cobbler system objects, as currently implemented, 
> should be keyed off of MAC addresses, not hostnames. Now, this 
> restriction really shouldn't apply to virt, so what we'll have 
> eventually is allowing any value for --name and have a seperate 
> parameter for specifying the --mac-address (and we already have 
> --ip-address upstream). If --mac-address isn't specified, you'll still 
> be able to create system objects, they just won't be PXE-able.
> It would look something like this:
> cobbler system add --name=this_is_just_a_description 
> [--mac-address=AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF] [--ip-address=]
> So, how to get around the above problem?
> Unless you need system specific kickstart templating, you can install 
> koan using profiles, and it's much simpler. You won't have to create 
> cobbler system objects for the machines unless you want cobbler to 
> manage your DHCP and/or DNS features for these systems -- and in which 
> case, you should be creating a system object that is keyed off a MAC 
> address.

I'm in need of system specific kickstart templating & xen. Is there
any way to apply some workaround for this case?

Or maybe I need to use the testing version of cobbler and koan? I'm
currently using 0.4.8/0.4.0 respectively and server and client are
both RHEL5.

> So, how to run koan with profiles?
> [...]
Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net
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