[et-mgmt-tools] Cobbler/Koan get QEMU/KVM support

Michael DeHaan mdehaan at redhat.com
Thu Jul 12 02:29:38 UTC 2007

I've committed some changes to koan to allow for provisioning of 
kemu/qemu guests.

To try this out:

yum install kvm qemu
(Guests will use hardware support if you have it, if not, they'll be 

koan --server=bootserver.example.org --profile=foo --virt --virttype="qemu"

You do not need to do any thing special in cobbler -- your existing 
0.5.0 profiles/trees will work without modification.   In my testing, I 
a Centos 5 guest inside of F7 -- and as long as you have sufficient RAM, 
it seems to work well.

This commit includes the new --virtpath parameter, which is useful if 
you would like to specify a location for the images to go.  Right now 
the default -- which is /really/ temporary, is "/opt/qemu".   I can do 
better.  I also need to test out the partitioning and volume group
management bits with Xen (this parameter supports things like 

The qemu code pays attention to cobbler attributes such as memory size, 
kernel parameters, and disk size. 

The new parameters such as --virtpath and --virttype will be able to be 
set in cobbler, though I intend to keep the overrides available in koan 
for at least those parameters.    --virttype will default to "xen" as 
shipped because that's what we support officially in RHEL, though I 
think I'll let the cobbler system default be changeable in 
/var/lib/cobbler/settings so you don't have to specify it with each 
profile created.

I still need to customize the qemu support a bit more, clean up the 
code, and improve the options some, but I just wanted to pass along that 
it's there now for those that want to play with it.


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