[et-mgmt-tools] create my own cobbler stanzas?

Michael DeHaan mdehaan at redhat.com
Tue Jul 24 15:57:30 UTC 2007

drew einhorn wrote:
> I've  been trying without success to use kickstart %includes to 
> simplify and modularize
> my kickstart files.  Haven't bee able to figure out where to put the 
> files to be included
> so they can be found when the kickstart is running.
> Cobbler stanzas perform a similar function.  Can I create my own and 
> do it that way.
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> Drew Einhorn
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Matt beat me to the post, but here's what I was typing....

I like this idea... especially considering that kickstart "%include" 
wouldn't allow for inclusion of Cobbler templating variables.  I think 
it's a bit
more transparent than having to copy stuff to http:// space and would 
also allow for templating variables to be substituted.

So, I've filed it as an RFE here:  

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