[et-mgmt-tools] Koan on a RHEL3 client

Michael DeHaan mdehaan at redhat.com
Thu Jul 26 16:16:05 UTC 2007

Michael DeHaan wrote:
> Jim Wildman wrote:
>> I need/want to use koan to rebuild a rhel3 server. However it errors
>> out like this.
> I thought that used to work on RHEL 3 -- apparently I must have 
> switched to optparse in the last 6 months or so?
> optparse is new in Python 2.3, and is just there to parse the command 
> line.
> Short term, I don't have a quick fix for this, but I'll remove the 
> dependency as this is supposed to work.
> --Michael
Rather than changing the option parsing, I've packaged optparse with 
koan so it should now work on Python 2.2 clients. If there are other 
compatibility issues, send email or ping me on IRC.

git clone git://git.fedoraproject.org/git/hosted/koan

Remember that koan 0.5.x+ does require a 0.5.x+ cobbler server.


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