[et-mgmt-tools] %include

Michael DeHaan mdehaan at redhat.com
Mon Jul 30 20:14:15 UTC 2007

drew einhorn wrote:
> If 0.6.0 is likely in a couple weeks, I have no need for an 0.5.2

There's definitely a need for the 0.5 branch.     Testing.  Bug 
reports.   Helping 0.6.0 be a better release.   If no one
uses source/testing releases, releases will go a lot slower.

If you're willing to try out 0.5.x/source now, you should continue to 
use it, and the changes coming in 0.6.0 will be very very
slight.   You'll have a leg up, even.

>     >
>     > I've cobbled together my own .rpm packages
>     > using the latest source from git
>     >
>     > I think they have some minor problems
>     >    bad %files section
>     This may already be corrected upstream.  Depends when your
>     checkout was.
>     >
> You don't realize what I did.
> I expanded the latest source rpms I could find, 0.5.1
> think .spec file in the download directory was a bit newer
> took the source code from git
> mashed it all together and built an rpm

yeah, the spec file is in git and "make" is set to use that 

> Think to get it right all I would need to fix the %files section
> There may be other more subtle problems.
> I don't know!
> I'll be glad when I have something I have a bit more faith in.

"make" straight out of the source checkout builds RPMs. 
They will build just like they do on anyone else's box.

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