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drew einhorn drew.einhorn at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 20:52:53 UTC 2007

I'm using cobbler on a VMware ESX server.

For now, I'm creating VMs by hand using the vmware gui client.

When I power them up they PXE boot, I type menu and choose a profile.
Was hoping I could nail down the ip to the mac in %post

I have been reluctant to manually dig into PM to find mac
address and manually make a dhcp reservation.

I'm looking into the VMperl API.  VMware is calling it a legacy API.
Don't know how much longer they will support it.

I think it won't be too difficult to use VMperl to create scripts to
make an appropriate dhcp reservations, or create a VM to order.
Will let you know when I have something more concrete than plans.

There's a new VI Perl SDK Beta.  Haven't looked at the .exe
I downloaded.  Haven't found a Linux version.

Have a vague recollection of a version issue with dnsmasq
on my platform, CentOS5, but that could be my imagination,
need to look at this again.


On 7/30/07, Michael DeHaan <mdehaan at redhat.com> wrote:
> drew einhorn wrote:
> > Near the end of %post I issued a cobbler system add command
> > to bind the dynamically assigned ip to the mac address.
> DHCP reservations work exceedingly well.   If you have manage_dhcp
> turned on in your /var/lib/cobbler/settings it will write your dhcp.conf
> for you.
> dnsmasq works even better as you can also pin the hostname from cobbler
> (dnsmasq does both DHCP and DNS, and cobbler can auto-configure it).
> Example:
> vi /var/lib/cobbler/settings
> manage_dhcp : 1
> manage_dhcp_mode : dnsmasq
> # cobbler system add --name=foo --mac=AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF
> --ip= --hostname="foo.example.com"
> This will ensure that when MAC address AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF boots it will
> automatically get the designed IP and (if using dnsmasq) the given
> hostname.
> if you leave manage_dhcp mode to "isc" (the default), you still get the
> variable $hostname accessible in your kickstart templates, so you can
> still set hostname/etc, but you will
> have other hoops to jump through to make it actually use it.   Which is
> what I think you are alluding to below:
> >
> > After trying it and seeing that it was not working, I said:
> >
> > Duhhhh!!!!
> >
> > It needs to run on the cobbler host, not the box being provisioned.
> >
> > Is there an easy way to do this?
> > I can think of some that are not easy.
> Possibly including...
> (A) just-once-single-command-authorized-root-ssh (kind of scary)
> (B) CGI script (still scary)
> ???
> Both of which pose interesting security issues.   DHCP reservations are
> the way to go, IMHO, because they can be done entirely server side --
> but I'm not a network administrator and you might have valid reasons for
> not doing things that way.
> >
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