[et-mgmt-tools] "Could not communicate with" error

Bill McGonigle bill at bfccomputing.com
Fri Jun 1 16:19:47 UTC 2007

On May 30, 2007, at 14:13, Michael DeHaan wrote:

> koan --virt --profile=foo --server=bootserver.example.com -- 
> virtname=what-to-call-it

Cool, this worked for me.   This project looks quite fun so far. :)

So, now that I realized that:

   yum_core_mirror_from_server: 0

was the default setting (the man page makes it sound like '1' is the  
default, FWIW), and just because I can (I realize it's probably  
overkill) I'd like to now destroy that instance and re-make it.

Should I expect to use cobbler to do that, or just the standard xen  
tools?  I guess I'm hinting at the bigger question of 'management'  
vs. 'deploy and redeploy', which I realize may be beyond the defined  


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