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Michael DeHaan mdehaan at redhat.com
Fri Jun 1 16:34:21 UTC 2007

Bill McGonigle wrote:
> So, now that I realized that:
> yum_core_mirror_from_server: 0
> was the default setting (the man page makes it sound like '1' is the 
> default, FWIW), and just because I can (I realize it's probably 
> overkill) I'd like to now destroy that instance and re-make it.
I'll see what's up with the docs...
> Should I expect to use cobbler to do that, or just the standard xen 
> tools? I guess I'm hinting at the bigger question of 'management' vs. 
> 'deploy and redeploy', which I realize may be beyond the defined scope.
Cobbler definitely isn't a config management system -- which is why 
we're building virt-factory (http://virt-factory.et.redhat.com) which 
will combine both cobbler, new mirroring tools ("surfr"), and config 
management systems (puppet). There's not a whole lot there yet (still 
very alpha-level), but it's ramping up quickly. We'll have more on that 

You could possibly put your yum configuration under control of a config 
management system, yes...

Ok, back to cobbler ... The yum_core_mirror_from_server stuff is just 
intended to help set up /etc/yum.repos.d on the provisioned machine, so 
you can just modify the yum config on the provisioned box to point to 
the server mirrored repositories if you like ... though if you haven't 
done anything else with the system yet re-provisioning will only take a 
few minutes.

The reason that setting is off by default now is a lot of users 
provision on a different network or install machines and move them to 
other places, where configuring them to use the boot server for yum 
installable packages no longer makes sense.

> Thanks,
> -Bill
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