[et-mgmt-tools] virt-manager questions

Hugh Brock hbrock at redhat.com
Mon Jun 4 18:06:56 UTC 2007

Mark Bidewell wrote:
> I am experimenting with KVM and virt-manager on FC7 and I have a few 
> questions:
> 1)  Can virt-manager support audio devices?
> 2)  Can I setup a bridged network with virt-manager ( it seem like only 
> NAT was available).
> 3)  Is qemu-kvm valid or is virt-manager the only way to use kvm?
> Thanks
> Mark Bidewell


1. Audio devices are on the radar but there's no support yet. For the 
moment you'll have to manually modify the guest config.

2. If you're using Xen, it will attempt to automatically set up a bridge 
attached to a physical NIC, but this isn't terribly reliable. If you 
manually set up a bridge on a machine, virt-manager will detect it and 
allow you to connect a guest to it. Virt-manager will not however set up 
a bridge for you... not really its line of work, per se.

3. Not sure I understand, can you be more specific?

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