[et-mgmt-tools] Has any one managed to get cobbler and rhn to play nice?

Michael DeHaan mdehaan at redhat.com
Tue Jun 5 15:16:22 UTC 2007

Marc Mondragon wrote:
> A month or so ago I tried to get this working (w/ Michael’s help btw) 
> for my RHEL 5 subscriptions but I was unable to. Has anyone managed to 
> get this to work in the interim?
> Thanks,
> Marc Mondragon
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> 2100 Enterprise Avenue
> Geneva, IL 60134
> marcmo at foxriver.com <mailto:marcmo at foxriver.com>
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I didn't see it in his attachment, but Marc's referring to ...

cobbler repo add --name=foo --mirror=rhn://name-of-rhel5-channel
cobbler reposync

Which worked for me on several different machines, but not for Marc. 
Other reports welcome...

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